Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program

The University of Mississippi


The Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program is designed as an innovative partnership to address Mississippi’s teacher shortage. The purpose of the program is to attract qualified teachers to the critical teacher shortage areas of Mississippi. Scholarships will be made available to persons seeking a Master of Education or Educational Specialist degree at a Mississippi institution of higher learning in exchange for employment in these geographical shortage areas. The vision for the Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program is to provide educational experiences to students enrolled in at-risk schools that will allow these students to participate fully in the economic and social opportunities of out nation.

Each cohort begins in the Fall after the selection committee meets (usually Mid-June).  After the selection committee meets, ALL applicants will be notified either by USPS mail or via e-mail to be advised whether or not they have been selected.

In exchange for a three-year commitment to teach in a critical teacher shortage area, selected participants receive the following benefits:

  • Tuition scholarship for Master of Education or Educational Specialist degree program at a Mississippi Institution of Higher Learning.
  • Professional development opportunities.
  • Stipends for books and supplies.
  • Mentoring program.
  • Ongoing cohort support via Internet chat rooms, email and MTFP Program office toll-free number.