Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program

The University of Mississippi


Participants selected for the Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program shall agree to employment as a licensed classroom teacher in a Mississippi school district identified as a critical shortage area for a period of not less than three (3) years. This time period includes the years of service rendered while the participant obtains his or her Master of education degree or Educational Specialist degree.

Liability Statement

As identified in Section 13 (7) of House Bill 609, any person participating in the program who fails to complete a program of study that will enable that person to obtain a Master of Education degree or an Educational Specialist degree shall become liable immediately to the Mississippi Department of Education for the sum of all awards (including tuition and stipends) made to that person under the program, plus interest accruing at the current Stafford Loan rate at the time the person abrogates his/her participation in the program.


The Mississippi Teacher Center, (601) 359-3631, will assist participants in arranging placement interviews with Mississippi school districts in need of teachers. The public school districts are responsible for hiring individual participants. The full acceptance of participants into the program is contingent upon their employment by a school district located in a region where a critical shortage of teachers exist, as identified by the Mississippi Department of Education. Accordingly, participants will be required to show evidence of a contract with an approved district for full admission into the program.


Participants must meet the following requirements by the start date of the program:

  • Hold a Mississippi teacher’s license (See Application Process).
  • Be employed by a school district geographically located in Mississippi where a critical teachers shortage exists as designated by the Mississippi Department¬† of Education.
  • Comply with all eligibility requirements as outlined in the Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program Application.