Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program

The University of Mississippi

When is the deadline to apply? To be considered for the Fall of that calendar year, you must have your application in BEFORE the selection committee meets, which is usually Mid-June. ANY application received after the selection committee meets will go into the pool for the next fall.

Will this cover the entire tuition amount? MTFP will pay the tuition cost as if you are walking into the classroom. In other words, MTFP will not pay any on-line fees or other added fees.

If I already have a Masters degree in education, will it pay for a second Masters? MTFP will pay for educational degrees that will change your Mississippi teachers license.

I have been an MTFP recipient before, but would like to apply again. Will MTFP pay for a degree for me again? No, MTFP will only pay for 1 degree.

My program starts in the summer, if I am selected for this program, will it pay for my summer courses? MTFP does not back-pay for the previous summer.

Do I need to apply to the college/university of my choice first, or MTFP? You may apply for MTFP first.

I have an emergency teaching license. Do I qualify for this program? Unfortunately, you have to have a regular 5 year Mississippi teaching license.

I see that I have to submit my OFFICIAL transcript. Can I email that to you? An OFFICIAL transcript is one that has never touched your hand; therefore, we cannot accept one that is faxed nor emailed by you. OFFICIAL transcripts must come directly from the college/university attended. Please have them sent to the email or mailing address located under the star on the right-hand side of the page.

Will this program pay for an endorsement? No. This program will pay for a Masters of Education or Education Specialist degree that changes your Misssissippi Teacher License.

When filling out the application, how do I submit the letter of recommendation? Please ask the person to email it to mtfp@olemiss.edu or to adgurner@olemiss.edu