Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program

The University of Mississippi

MTFP Spotlight

November Spotlight


Name: Beth Neese

District: Westernline

School: Riverside Elementary

Grade/Subject: Academic Coach


This has nothing to do with academic recognition or best teaching strategies, but it involves a prior student of mine that I had last year. Last year I taught 4th grade Reading to four different classes. I tried my best to instruct students and preparing them for MCT2. At the same time, I was working on AR goals, competitions, and student recognition for grades 1st through 6th. At the end of the school year I was Test Coordinator for MCT2 and any times I had a substitute in the classroom while I worked with testing. I loved each and every student and they all knew it. This year I’m not in the classroom but I am still working with teachers and students in all grade groups. One of my students from last year made my day this morning and brought me the best gift. I have a collection of owls within my room as well as some owls at home that I love. This morning I came to school and received a statue of an owl from a particular student. He stated that he saw it in the store and thought of me. It is made of iron and heavy as all get out. I have been truly blessed by the students I have taught. Each year provides the best opportunity for me and I take my job to heart. Don’t ever give up and think that these kids are not listening, because they are and you are making a difference.

October Spotlight


MTFP Participant Name:  Kathleen Hamilton

School District:  Byhalia School District

School: Byhalia  Elementary School

Kathleen submitted a student picture and notation on some exciting things going on in her classroom!  She states, “We have been studying bridges to coincide with our story, “Pop’s Bridge.” Students built bridges at home and turned them in and presented them in class.”  Byhalia Elementary School….Where there is Brilliance in Every Student!